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Research and Development (R&D) Tax Relief Specialists

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As a member of HMRC's R&D Consulting Committee we are at the forefront of policy changes
Dedicated Industry Experts
Over 50 years of combined experience means we understand your industry, and work to maximise your entitlement

What Our Clients Say

“Energy Circle plc is developing high efficient and clean power projects to support grid resilience and the renewable energy sector.

We engaged Signature Tax to help us recover research and development costs under the HMRC scheme and we are very impressed with prompt response, customer focus and attention to detail.

More importantly, they understood what we were doing and we didn’t have to educate them about our business”
Michael Avison, Energy Circle Plc
“We recently engaged Signature Tax to work with us on our R&D Tax Refund Claim.

They provided us with excellent service throughout the process. Their steady, ongoing professional communications helped us along the way and we particularly appreciated their business-like, ethical approach to claiming R&D tax relief.

By managing the whole process, they helped us maximise the value of our claim and secure significant refunds, and I am pleased that we will be working with them again on future claims."
Andrew Whiting, Beech's Fine Chocolates

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can my company qualify for Research and Development relief?
If your limited company is subject to Corporation Tax, is over 12 months old, and participates in "qualifying activity" then you will be eligible for R&D Tax Relief.

Any industry is eligible for R&D tax relief; the specialisms within our research team means we understand the technical terminology used in your business. Within the food & beverage industries our clients range from independent breweries to drinks manufacturers to chocolatiers.
Which of our business activities would constitute as "qualifying activity"?
As long as your company is attempting to "resolve scientific or technological uncertainties" there's a good chance that your activity would qualify.

This could include creating or modifying a product, process, or service. Due to the complexity of the guidelines, it is easy to miss out expenditures that would qualify for tax relief.

Many costs, such as staff salaries, are embedded into business costs and are often missed despite constituting the majority of expenditure, we work hard to ensure you fully utilise the allowance and maximise the financial benefit.
Our project was unsuccessful, can we still claim R&D relief?
Even if your project was unsuccessful you will still be able to claim R&D tax relief, the claim is based on the company's activity and not the outcome of the project. The scheme is designed to reward companies that take risks, and reduces the outlay even on unsuccessful projects.
How much can I claim?
You can reclaim costs on a wide range of company spending, including staff costs, materials, softwares, and subcontractors costs. Many of these costs are embedded within other company costs and are therefore often missed.

We will do a complete analysis of the accounts to ensure that we achieve the strongest returns on your investment as possible.
 R&D Tax Relief is a valuable initiative that rewards companies in the UK for investing in innovative projects to advance their field. This can lead to a reduction in tax liability or increase taxable losses, and therefore involves significant financial rewards.

Our streamlined approach means that our technical consultants minimise your disruption, while our in-house Chartered Accountants maximise the benefits. We adhere to the stringent criteria set in the guidelines and we deal with HMRC directly to prioritise your business.

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Signature Tax are a team of Chartered Tax Advisers, Technical Specialists, and Accountants with an excellent track record of submitting clients' claims using our proven methodology.

We examine your business from a research and technical perspective to ensure the evidence to support your claim is robust, structured, and meets HMRC criteria. The wealth of experience from our team of in-house Accountants ensure you maximise your claim value.

Our seat on the HMRC Research & Development Consultative Committee means we are at the forefront of developments as a major participant in this exciting sector.

Contact us today for a free discovery consultation and see how much you can recover.

About Signature Tax

The Process

Recover the Following Costs

Our streamlined approach means that our technical consultants minimise the disruption of your time spent, while our in-house chartered accountants maximise the benefits.

R&D tax relief can reclaim a proportion of the following costs:

Our premium quality service ensures that the R&D process is as hassle free as possible. With our level of experience we manage to complete claims in as little as 4 weeks.

Here is an overview of the steps we take to help you claim for 
R&D Tax Relief:

Why has my accountant not advised me of the R&D Tax Relief Scheme?
This is a very specialist and complex area of taxation. Most accountants are not familiar with R&D tax law they would not be able to advise you on whether you would qualify.

Signature Tax employs technical specialists in this area and will work with your accountants to find embedded costs to maximise your benefit and minimise disruption.
How can this benefit my business?
R&D tax relief can provide a valuable cash injection to companies in the form of tax reduction, or tax credits in case the company is loss making; as it’s designed to reward UK based companies that innovate.

Many companies are unaware of or do not fully utilise their entitlement, and are therefore missing out on significant financial benefits which can potentially be used for further innovation.

A short consultation to introduce the team, give an insight to our process, and determine if your projects qualify under the R&D Guidelines.

If no R&D is discovered, there will be no tax adjustments necessary.



We build your case along with a technical report for submission to HMRC.

The expertise and experience of our consultants allows us to tailor every report to your industry, ensuring compliance with specific areas of legislation in your business.



R&D Tax

Credit Issued

Once your claim is processed by HMRC you will receive your benefit.

This will be in the form of  a cash benefit, or a reduction in your tax liability, depending on each individual circumstance.

Labour Costs:
Including NIC &  Pension Contributions

Externally Provided Workers

Staff Salaries



Heating, Lighting, and Water

Software Costs

Reclaimable Expenses

R&D Claim


We liaise directly with your Accountants on your behalf, and submit your claim directly to HMRC's R&D team to expedite the process.

We monitor the claims process, and will resolve any queries from them.

Our technical and financial experts will meet with you to extract all the information to quantify your R&D tax relief.

We ensure that you're not required to spend any more time on this after this meeting.

Why are HMRC giving money away for free?
The R&D initiative is designed to incentivise UK companies to innovate and become more profitable. The more profitable a business is, the more they pay in tax, which is to the benefit of HMRC as they receive more tax in other forms. For example, a company may use the tax saving to employ more staff, therefore contributing more in PAYE and NI contributions.

Why work with us?

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